Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Interview at Bookish.Asia

I was recently interviewed for the website "Bookish.Asia" regarding a variety of different topics.  Though it's primarily about my time in Taiwan and the book "An American Teacher in Taiwan" (including a very nice review of the book), it also touches on other topics such as "Small Town Evil" and upcoming projects.  You might enjoy it.  Check it out by clicking on THIS LINK

Friday, January 15, 2016

Small Town Evil....the MOVIE....coming soon!

Small Town Evil from 750 Entertainment Group on Vimeo.

Here you have it.  The first teaser trailer for the film adaption of my bestselling book, "Small Town Evil."

A lot of people have asked me when it's coming out, and under what format.  Will it be in theaters?  Will it go directly to video?  On demand?  On cable?  As of now, I have no idea.  I don't have any involvement in the film version.  I sold the rights to the story about a year ago, so I'm typically the last to know regarding the film version.  I'll post updates when I know more.

I've been very happy and humbled by the success of "Small Town Evil."  It's now been on the Best Seller List for 3 years, and it looks like the movie is finally coming to fruition.  I just hope it's good.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dr. Amerson's "CRUISE WITH A PURPOSE" - Awesome theme song for Alopecia Awareness!

Music industry professionals have named Dr. A "The Singing Hair Doctor!"  Since the beginning of time, music has been used to bring awareness to a cause.  Dr. Amerson has found a fun and creative way to get the message of alopecia to consumers.  The hook stays with you and you will find yourself humming it all day!  Her passion is helping children and teenagers affected with alopecia.  Check out her theme song and make plans to join attendees for the 2nd "CRUISE WITH A PURPOSE" September 6-13, 2015.  Ports of call include: Montego Bay Jamaica, Grand Caymen Island and Cozymel, Mexico.

You can visit Dr. Amerson's website at

You can watch her YouTube video below:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

IN THEIR CORNER by S. JEAN - On Sale NOW at Amazon!

Relationship and respect are the foundation of effective classroom management for at at-risk teens.  Written by a Teacher of the Year Nominee for Court and Community Schools, this book outlines principals and strategies for those who are struggling to maintain control of their classrooms.  In Their Corner succinctly dispenses practical advice that can immediately ease classroom tensions and help you begin to move past damage-control and into a rich and rewarding experience.

As anyone who has read my blogs (or my books), then you'll know that I often complained about my teen students.  For me, they were the worst, and I wish I had this book with me at the time.  This is an invaluable guide to help you get control of your classroom.

You can buy the book now on Amazon by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Monday, July 7, 2014

"The Monsterjunkies: Sanctuary" on Sale NOW at Amazon!

THE MONSTERJUNKIES: SANCTUARY by Erik Daniel Shein and Theresa A. Gates

A year has passed since the Monsterjunkie family has opened up their mysterious, macabre estate to a few trusted souls.  But Crow and his sister Indigo face new challenges, including random acts of cruelty and harassment, a secret trauma that haunts Crow, and a shocking crisis with a close friend as they seek sanctuary in the most unexpected and unusual places.  The Monsterjunkies continue their ancestral legacy in the world of cryptozoology, and delight in their quirky, mystical, and charming traditions.  But can this enchanting family raise their children in a world that is not?

This is the second book in the "Monsterjunkie" series and these are very good books for the teenagers in your house.  My daughter is 9 but this is something she would really enjoy as well.  It also teaches some good social lessons about bullying and self-esteem, while not pounding you over the head with them.

From now until July 25th, you can pick up the Kindle version for only 99 cents, which is a very good bargain.  CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE AMAZON SITE.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Things Fall Apart by Hilary Neiman

Early one morning in 2011, Hilary Neiman was hard at work in the offices of her own successful adoption and surrogacy practice, when three agents of the FBI entered without warning, read her Miranda rights, and informed her, "this is your Come to Jesus day."  How does one go from being raised in a loving, ethical family and earning an advanced education, including in the law, to being accused in the headlines of joining a baby-selling, human trafficking ring?  Eventually, Hilar would plead guilty, but not to baby-selling.  She would forfeit her license to practice law, and spend five months in the Atwood Minimum Security Camp in Lexington, Kentucky.  "Things Fall Apart" is the story of a young woman with nothing but the promise of a fulfilled life ahead of her, whose childhood dream turned into a nightmare.

This a book I can definitely relate to, as my sister-in-law was also sent to prison (over 2 years at a women's prison in Thailand) for virtually the same crime.  My sister-in-law worked for a company named "Baby 101" (just do a simple Google search on that one and you'll see it was pretty bad.)  They were accused of running a "baby breeding farm" and sentenced for human trafficking.  It's kind of amazing how these lives are so similar.

I only wish I could have given this book to my sister-in-law during her time in prison (she has currently been released.)  This book certainly gives inspiration and hope, while at the same time providing a good dose of humor and human drama.

You can buy the book now on Amazon on either digital or paperback by clicking on this link.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ancient Imports Olive Oil - Thousands of Years in the Making...On Sale NOW!


World wonders hidden from sight, ancient remedies perhaps unknown indigenous knowledge from lost eras; these are the secrets Ancient Imports unearths!


Technique Reserved for Kings
"The oil is solely made from an undocumented ancestral Baladi-Ayrouni variety which is the most acclaimed olive tree variety in the world.  The Sisters are committed to quality, therefore half a dozen pickers inspect every single olive before the washing stage.  This meticulous step which adds about $2/bottle to the olive oil cost, was traditionally reserved for the 'Mir' or the king of Lebanon some 700 years ago.  The unfiltered oil is entirely processed and bottled by hand under vacuum, has a very low acidity (0.18-0.24), is very high in polyphenols and is made through the exclusive process of cold crushing within a maximum of 5 hours after picking.  (Many evoo producers process their oils up to 12 hours later and some use heat or chemicals to extract the oils.)  International Michelin star Chefs such as Yanick Alleno and Chef Dima Sharif as well as local Lebanese star Chefs "Joseph" Akkiki of the acclaimed "Burgundy" restaurant and Joe Barza from the show "Top Chef", have all tasted and used The Sisters' olive oil and all describe it as the best olive oil with which they have ever cooked!"

-The Sisters Olive Trees of Noah

This sounds like really great stuff, and the best part about it is that all the proceeds go to the preservation and upkeep of these ancient olive trees in Mount Lebanon, which are some of the oldest living bio-organisms on the earth!  Who but the grumpiest of curmudgeons doesn't want to help ancient trees?

Check out their website, ANCIENT IMPORTS.NET to learn more.  They are currently having a "Grand Opening Celebration" and are offering 10% off on all orders greater than $25 (until June 22, 2014.)  Just enter code 721NTJS.